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The Joe Niece Team....The Results of Experience

Minnesota's Number 1 Listing Agent Let us help you now, Call us at 612-305-8487.

E-mail Joe Niece about your situation

The Joe Niece Team....The Results of Experience

Thanks for giving me the chance to earn your business! Finding a good Minnesota Realtor or Real Estate agent is hard. As you can imagine, every agent is going to tell you on their website that they are the best. Let's try and figure out together how to find the best real estate agent to sell you home.

What is important to sellers and how can you determine if an agent does each of these things? Here is a list of things that sellers across the state tell me is important. If you hire me you will have an agent working for you that has bought and sold more pre-existing homes since 2002 than any other agent in Minnesota?(non bank-owned)

I had my best year ever last year with 177 homes bought and sold. Let me continue that success with you and your home.

How can I do this?....Clear and Simple, I have spent ten times more on marketing and staff since 2002 than any other agent in Minnesota! Resources like that buy a lot of marketing and marketing is what sells homes!

What type of extra marketing, (above and beyond what REMAX or other agents provide), can this money buy for our sellers?

1. Extra exposure on Trulia, Zillow, and many other with via my contract with List HUB

2. National Contract with MnOnlineMLS.com

3. National Contract with MLSMaps.com

4. National Contract with MLSOnline.biz

5. National Contract with GetHomeValues.com

6. 1 of only 4 Indexed Listing contracts with MLSFinder and Homesforsale.Hunting4Houses.com

7. Paid placement on Google, Yahoo, Bing and over 185 other search engines.

8. 24 Hour Live Hotline in your front yard. When they call off the sign, a live person that knows your home will answer.
no other agent in Minnesota pays for this!

9. Exposure on all of the Joe Niece Teams Websites.

10.Daily and weekly blogging about your listing to bring your home to the attention to potential buyers in your neighborhood.

11.-114. and over 104 more things that we will go over when we meet.

Think about this. The above contracts and exposure cost at least $100,000 dollars each year and all but one are exclusive contracts with the Joe Niece Team.

Even if another agent was willing to spend the money, they would not be able to offer you this extra exposure since the contracts are exclusive to one agent in Minnesota.

The average agent makes under $40,000 each year, even if they were to spend every penny they make to buy extra advertising for your home, they would not be able to pay for Zillow, Zurple, Trulia, MNOnlineMLS and MlsMaps.
They might want to do everything they can but unless they sell a bunch of homes, they just don't have the money?


Twin Cities Real Estate: State of the Market
State of the Twin Cities Real Estate Market 2013

You and I will do the following:

1. You and I will meet and do a market analysis in your own home.

2. You and I will determine the price your home will sell for together.

3. You and I will go over the 114 things I do that other agent's don't & develop a marketing stragegy for your home.

4. You and I will agressively pay out to buyers agents to ensure they want to bring a buyer to your home.

5. You and I will work together to pre-market your home, so when it goes on the market, we have a flood of buyers in the first several days.

6. You will pay no more to have me sell your home then any other trustworthy Realtor even though I will do ten times more to sell your home.

7. Your home will sell in 90 days or less.

The Joe Niece Team....The Results of Experience

The first question you might have for us is why should you use us to sell a home. That's a good question.

First and most important is we are the number one home sellers for our company in this area of the Metro for the last two years. This means we are motivated and strong negotiators and work in your price market as well as your area, which is important to you.

Second and also important is we have our own team who helps you in every aspect of your home sale, from listing to closing. We also limit the number of homes we put on the market. This is very important to you because it means we care if your home sells.

We actually turn away listings if we get to many.

Every seller we have worked with has been comfortable with our ratio. Most agents you will interview either do not do any business or have to many listings to deal with themselves. An agent who is selling to many homes on their own can not give your home the time it deserves. If they were doing open houses, they would be able to do one for your home every 10 weeks. If it takes 3-4 hours a week to just do the follow up and administrative work as well as the ads, when will they have time to network with other agents.

(40 hours a week just keeping the machine running-no time left to sell)

Most agents will tell you networking is one of the huge benefits you get from an experienced agent. If they are not selling any homes, you don't want to use them either.

The Third reason to use us is no other team in Minnesota spends as much time and money working to sell your home for the most money in the shortest time. Our marketing plan is better then any other agent's plan in the Twin Cities. If you find someone with a better plan who can sell you home faster and for more money, we will sell your home for free(call me at 612-305-8487 if you want to ask questions about this).

If you want to get the most money you can and still sell your home faster, Call or e-mail us now.

p.s. Make sure you are asking questions when interviewing an agent. Ask them how many homes they have sold themselves(just them) in the last 3 months. Ask them if they have ever had a home expire or if any seller has cancelled on them(most agent won't let a seller cancel even if they have a reason, Ouch!). Ask them for a written list of exactly what they do to market your home. Ask them how they rank for home sales in their office(just them in writing) and how many agents they have in their office.

Last We give you a guarantee in writing. You will be happy with our service or we will let you out of your contract with no cost to you. We are likely the only agent you will interview who will give you that written promise without being asked.

Remember, not all agents are the same...

What does it take to sell a home faster, for more money, or both?

You have to figure out where the buyers are and get your homes in front of them for as long as possible, as often as possible!

Forgive us if we only put half of our marketing plan here for you to see, other agents have prying eyes! Call us or fill out our market analysis form for a full copy.

Where do we find buyers?

ReMax Yard Sign. - This directs all phone inquires to team for buyer prequalification.

Directional signs. - These are used to find the "hidden" homes, not visible to high traffic volume.

Multiple Listing Service. - Required information is submitted as well as supplemental information on your home and photo(s).

"Just Listed" Notices. - Our Team uses both mailing and e-mailing "Just Listed" notices to prospective buyers.

Database of pre-qualified buyers. - The Joe Niece Team'ss datatbase can link our team to hundreds of pre-qualified buyers through their agents. We also pre-qualify all inquires for as little hassle to you as possible.

Open houses. - When appropriate these will be arranged. Most common hours are Saturday or Sunday from 12-4 pm.

Office promotion. - Your home is spoken about at sales meeting, networking groups, and throughout the ReMax Results system.

Internet presence. - 125 websites of our own as well as Realtor.com, HuntingForHouses.com, Remax.com. ImportantHomes.com, CBBurnet.com, ColdwellBanker.com, Move.com, Niecehomes.com, as well as through broker reciprocity is seen on all sites linking to Regional MLS.

Wal*Mark Flyer Service to all area agents. - This lets them see your home is for sale and in the back of their mind when a buyer starts working with them.

Featured Home Spots on Realtor.com. - The Joe Niece Team owns the right to 32 zip codes on realtor.com. This means our listings are featured on the front page of these searches for optimal exposure.

24 hour hotline rider. - A rider is placed on your yard sign. This number is also placed in all advertisements on your property. Each call to your hotline number is tracked and given to our team for follow up.

Advertisement placed in Harmon Homes Magazine. - This publication is distributed every four weeks to the greater Minneapolis area and surrounding communities.

Advertisement in the Real Estate Magazine. - This publication is distributed once a month by the Star Tribune to the greater public.

Feature Ad - Once a month, in Star Tribune with office advertisement. One of the Joe Niece Team listings is highlighted each month.

Black and White advertisements - Star Tribune on Saturdays or Thursday when effective.

Open house Advertisements - All open houses are highlighted with a line advertisement and placed in the open house directory.

Virtual Tour of home. - The Joe Niece Team adds a virtual tour to all their listings. This generates 3 times as much internet traffic to your home.

Home Warranty available. - Home warranties help a home sell on average, 1 week quicker and for 1.7% more.

Call every agent through for feedback. - We stay on top of all buyers, not just our own.

Telemarketing. - The Joe Niece Team will call potential buyers for your property as necessary.

Team Effort. - There is not only one agent working for you. More agents equal more potential buyers.

Relocation exposure. - With the largest relocation network, we can bring more relocating buyers to your door.

Metropolitan Financial Mortgage - Metropolitan Financial offer a $1000 dollar savings for any of our homes purchased with a loan from Metopolitan Financial.

Networking - Having the largest realtor network allows us to network and sell homes faster for more money.

Realtor.com Xcelerator - We work with and send out over 3000 proposals to prospective buyers on Realtor.com. Every prospect that meets your homes criteria sees your home.

123Relocation - We are the exclusive agent team for 123Relocation.com in the areas that we serve.

Home Resource Center - Niece Team's home resource center allows us access potential buyers and renters.

Special Services - Niece Team special services brings us diverse buyers.

Distinctive Homes - ReMax's Distinctive home magazine and internet preview allows twice as much exposure to potential buyers.

Homing Device - Niece Team's Homing device allows prospective buyers to see your home sooner, allow more activity.

Top Search Engine Placement - We strive for top placement at numerous search engines.

Our Websites - The Joe Niece Team maintains over fifty websites ourselves, that drive both buyers and sellers to us.

We sell 30% of our own listings - The Joe Niece Team sell six times more of our own listings then the average agent.

Click Here To View a Portion of our Marketing Plan

Minnesota's #1 Buyers Agent

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E-mail Joe Niece about your situation

Search every listing of every home for sale in Minnesota though we can no longer use the phrase Search Minnesota MLS Listings because the RMLS initiated a Rule that prohibited the use of the term MLS. So every place that used to say search the MLS now says search Listing Search.


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Contact Us: Joe Niece Team. Copyright © 2005 [Joe Niece Team]. All rights reserved.


Search every listing of every home for sale though we can no longer use the phrase search MLS because the RMLS initiated a Rule that prohibited the use of the term MLS. So every place that used to say search the MLS now says search Listing Search.