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Joe spent over an hour talking passionately about how he was going to market our home (hover for more)
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I highly recommend the Joe Niece Team for your real estate needs. (hover for more)
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I was referred to Joe Niece to buy a new home and sell my current home. It was actually pretty fun going out to see homes with Joe(hover mouse here)
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I called Joe after I fired my agent. She had been working on our short sale for over a year with a law firm (Hover for more)
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Joe Niece is a Saint!, I am the worst buyer in the (hover for more)
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I had listed and sold my home with Joe and the buyers had insisted on doing a stucco inspection on my home (hover for more)
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We sold our home with Joe several years ago when we moved to St Cloud. When we found out we were moving back to the Twin Cities, we called Joe to help us look for a home. (hover more)
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We had listed our home $25,000 dollars higher than Joe said we would ever get an offer at. (hover for more)
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We sold our home with Joe several years ago when we moved to St Cloud. When we found out we were moving back to the Twin Cities, we called Joe to help us look for a home. We looked for several weeks and we could not find what we were looking for. Joe called us and said that he had a home coming on the market that might be just what we were looking for. We were the first people to see it and it seemed like it would be perfect. We put an offer on the home and then during the inspection we found out that the home had Black Walnut tree's in the place that we wanted to put our huge garden. We were buying the home because of the oversized lot so we could garden which was one of our loves. The seller refused to have the tree's removed so we cancelled the purchase agreement. We were sad but we had given them a great price and we felt they were not being reasonable. Sunday night Joe called us and told us that the sellers had a change of heart and that they would remove the trees before closing. We were very happy. Everything went great and the day of closing was approaching and the sellers said they would have the trees removed the moring of closing. When we arrived at the home we were stunned because the sellers had not removed the trees. Joe called them and they told him they were not going to remove the trees and if we did not like it we could buy something else. Joe was shocked. I could tell that he did not realize that the sellers were crooked. We told Joe that we were not going to close unless the tress were removed. Joe called and called but could not find anyone to remove the trees so he told us he would remove them himself. I trusted Joe so we closed and about an hour after closing Joe showed up with a huge cherry picker behind his truck and proceeded to start cutting down trees. I don't think he realized how much work it was going to be but he seemed to be having fun. Some of the trees were higher than the cherry picker could go so he rigged so elaborate block and tackle system to swing these huge pieces of trees down without killing himself and without crushing the rental cherry picker. It took him about 8 hours and his wife came and brought us all dinner. I have never heard of a Realtor doing anyting like this. He just did not want us to worry. When he was done, he gave me the new chainsaw he had purchased for the job and said that I would have more use for it them him. He is really a class act. Please use him if you buy or sell a home. He is very good at what he does and really is willing to go the extra distance for his clients.


I had listed and sold my home with Joe and the buyers had insisted on doing a stucco inspection on my home. I was fine with that since my ex husband had two stucco inspections done on our home and they both were fine. Unfortunately, the stucco inspection did not go well. Even with the two previous inspections clearing us, Joe insisted that he be at the stucco inspection since he did not know the inspector that was doing the inspection and he wanted to make sure there were no issues. Joe called halfway thru the inspection to say that things were going well and I was very relieved. Twenty minutes later when he called back, it was a different story. The inspector was on the last two sides of my home and their were multiple issues. Mr. buyer was also at the inspection and he was freaking out. Joe asked if he could try and save the deal and I told him that I trusted him but not to give anything away until we could talk. He went into action and calmed the buyer down. He told the buyer that he would personally find multiple contractors to bid and fix the issue and that the home would be better than when it was new. He told the buyer that he had dealt with stucco before and that it was not a systemic issue but an issue with three pieces of flasing on the home that were installed incorrectly. Joe called a meeting with everyone involved and sat everyone down and explained what the issue was, how it had happened and how it was going to be fixed. Joe had the stucco inspector explain what it was and he explained that it was not a whole house issues and exactly what had caused the problem in the three areas that were affected. Joe then had the contractor that actually ended up doing the work explain how it was not a big deal, how great the home would look once the work was done and exactly what the repair would cost. Joe then explained to the buyer that I was 100% committed to a solution that would make then comfortable. I was amazed how Joe kept everything together, kept everyone calm and actually kept everyone happy. Everything went smooth and we closed on time and the buyers were very happy at the closing.


We had listed our home $25,000 dollars higher than Joe said we would ever get an offer at. After very few showings and We received an offer on my home from a FBI negotiator. We knew it was an FBI negotiator because the buyers agent told Joe. The offer was $80,000 dollars less than my list price and he asked for the desk my wife gave me as a present. I told him that I would not take a penny more than 20,000 off, would not sell my desk and I was OK with letting the offer go. Joe explained that homes do not become worth more the longer they stay on the market and that it would be best if we could come to an agreement with the buyer. Joe told us there was very little chance that we would be able to negotiate the buyer comeing up 80% and us coming down 20% but he had some ideas. Joe had mentioned that he was a trained proessional negotiator when we listed with him and now he was going to show us his stuff. Joe sat down and explained how he would negotiate against somebody that was trained in negotiations. He told us what techniques we could use that would work against someone like this and he explained how we might use his skills against him. He also told me that I had two choices, We could tell the buyer at the beginning of negotiations that I would not give up my desk because it was a present from my wife but that I would either have to give up the desk or we would most likely have to give up an extra 10,000 to 15,000 dollars during the negotiations if I wanted to keep the desk. Before I could say anything, my wife said, I'll buy him another $1500 dollar desk if you can save us between $10,000 and $15,000 dollars. I agreed and he went to work. It was actually interesting to see and hear how the negotiations were going. Everything went exactly as Joe had predicted and after several days of negotiations, we were still $15,000 dollars apart. Joe sent several messages on the last day to the buyers agent that might lead the buyer into the frame of mind that Joe said we needed and then Joe sprang the trap and offered my desk as a last chance peace offering to make the deal work. It worked. Joe allowed the buyer to win the negotiations by getting something that we said we would never give up and it allowed us to win by getting the no less than 20,000 dollars off .


Several years ago, my wife and I put and offer on a home with another agent. The inspection showed major damage from bugs and we decided not to buy the home. We were crushed and the market continued to drop so we waited. My wife had inquired on one of Joe's listing but it was sold. It was in the a neighborhood that we had wanted to get into but we had never found a home we liked in our price range. In July, Joe's wife called us and told us that they had a home coming on the market that might be perfect. We told her we were still looking. She told us that Joe would call us shortly. I talked to him for quite a while and it sounded like it might be the home for us. Joe told us what the home was going to go on the market for, told us what was wrong with it and told us what it would cost to fix the issues the home had. It sounded perfect. We could not get in for almost a week but Joe suggested that it might make sense for us to find out what we could sell our home for so that we would be able to make a decision if we liked it. That sounded like a great idea and we had Joe over that weekend.

Joe included us in the analysis as he did it at our kitchen table. He showed us other homes like ours, we were able to look at the pictures and mls listings as he worked. When we were done he told us what we could get for our home. I was amazed. We had had other realtors over and none of them had done the things he had done and everyone of them asked us what we thought our home was worth before they told us. He was the only realtor that told us first. it was very refreshing. He then went thru our home with us and told us exactly what we should do and what we could do. We were very impressed and decided to use Joe if we decided to sell.

We were very excited for the following Wednesday to get into the home he was showing us. Joe met us at the home and it was exactly like he said. It was perfect for us. He spent over an hour with us at the home. He let us talk alone when we needed to and showed every part of the home to us. We were very excited. We still had not heard back from our loan officer so Joe made a few calls and arranged to have a loan officer that he knew meet us at his office to do an approval so that we could make an offer while we waited for our loan officer to finish our approval. Joe wrote the offer on the home while the loan officer took my loan application. We had a loan approval just before Joe finished writing the offer. It was great because I was not sure about writing an offer without having an approval but we really wanted this house. I found out I was approved for both houses without selling my current one. We signed the offer and I was back to work only five minutes late. I could not believe it. Thank the lord that Joe texted me after he talked to the seller They verbally told him they were going to accept our offer with only a minor change. I would have been distracted all day at work if I had not heard from him.

I received a signed copy of the purchase agreement just as I was getting off work. It was a very happy day at our home. With the excitement did come some worry. I was feeling a little stressed over still having to sell our home. I really wanted our home under contract before we closed on the new home. We had rented a houseboat in Northern Wisconsin for the following ten days and Joe really wanted our home on the market before we left. There was no way for me to do it so Joe made some calls and found someone that could fix our cracked granite countertop, put in a new bathroom vanity and countertop in the master bath and remove our appliances and bring the new appliances from the store and install them.

I talked to the contractor and set up for him to come out Friday and all day Saturday and work on the home. This was where our first problems happened. The contractor and I had a mis-communication about Friday. Then he cancelled on us for Saturday because he would not be able to finish all of the work that needed to be complete by the end of the day. We were sunk. Either we had to keep the home off the market for ten days, or we would be forced to cancel our family vacation. We decided that we would need to cancel the vacation and so we called Joe to tell him the home would not be ready to show in time for Monday.

Immediately Joe stepped forward and told me that if we could not find someone else to do the work, he would personally help me complete everything on Saturday and Sunday. So, bright and early on Saturday morning, Joe headed over to the appliance store with two of his children to load appliances and bring them over to my home. Then, not only did he help unload and exchange all of the old appliances out for the new, but he went so far as to take the front door off it's hinges so everything would fit through the front door.

Once Joe showed me how to hook up the new range, we were in business. This allowed him the time he needed to take his kids home for sports. After he came back, we both worked into the evening getting everything set in place. The next day (Sunday) we tackled installing both the vanity and sink.

During the two days of preparing my home for the market, I learned quite a bit about Joe. He grew up on a farm and his parents worked him very hard. I had known that he had a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of North Dakota already, but I also learned that Joe grew up working on over a hundred homes that his Dad own's in North Dakota. Although amazed, it also explained how Joe knew the tricks to deconstructing an old counter-top and vanity that had been glued to the wall, and additionally, exchanging the old faucets out for the new to complete the process.

The next day we took off on our vacation. This allowed Joe to take pictures and put the home on the market. Because we were being aggressive with our price, Joe had suggested a new back splash in the kitchen and told us we should enamel our kitchen cabinets, master bedroom and bath if we wanted to get our price. We wanted to try selling without doing those things. After about a month of still being on the market, (in which Joe told me to expect an average of 90 days) we took Joe's advice on completing the enamel work. I had been dreading this project, but Joe informed me he not only had enameled cabinets before, but he also had the tools required for doing the work.

The next week, Joe brought over his paint sprayer and the tools needed to complete the project of enameling. He demonstrated how everything worked so that I could finish the project on my own. Three days later I had completed everything, and was so very thankful for his advice as the place looked great. - About a month later we had an offer that we could accept and our home was sold.

The buyers for our home wanted a close date in late December, so Joe arranged for a way to do an early move in with the buyers, and so we arranged to close on the same day with our new home. We were so happy that we were able to be in the new home for Thanksgiving, even though we were not closing now until Dec 27th.

As crazy as it sounds, during a really cold week in December when I was out of town on business, I missed a call from Joe while I was talking on the phone with my wife. She was at our old house at the time moving some final things, and her van would not start. It was only about 5 degrees outside, and with our 2 year old along, she was freaking out. So I called Joe back and explained to him the situation. Not only did he drive over to make sure my wife and daughter were okay, but he popped the hood on the van, and found out that the battery cable was loose and could not be tightened. However, he did some 'McGuyver' thing with a screw that he found on my tool bench, jump started the car, and gave her a new set of jumper cables he had purchased on the way over just in case she needed them. Two months later, that repair was still working! I am more than willing to talk to anyone in person asking for a reference about Joe. - It would be a huge mistake to not to use him for selling and/or buying your home!


We received Joe's name from Dave Ramsey who is a radio talk show personality. My husband had started a new job out of state and we needed to sell so that I could move our family to be with him. I liked Joe as soon as I started talking to him. He seemed honest and willing to tell us the truth about selling our home. He talked about marketing for over an hour when we met with him and he was really the only person that we talked to that really was passionate about marketing our home correctly. He also helped us determine what our home was worth while we were sitting at our kitchen table during the listing agreement. We sat and worked with him and he explained exactly what he was doing to determine the value of our home and showed us every home that was active or sold in our area. It was really a great experience and we knew exactly what we would get for our home before he left us that day. When he was done determining our homes value, we were excited to list our home with him and he said he was excited to work with us. We were not ready to go on the market for a few weeks but he insisted that we allow him to pre-market our home with a non-MLS listing agreement. It allows him to drive interest to our home and allows us to get a higher offer or maybe multiple offers. We agreed, he took the pictures that he could based on the condition of our home and he was off. Our home went active and we had a bunch of showings and Joe showed the home twice himself to two different buyers. One of his buyers decided to write an offer and we were sold in the first ten days. The inspection went pretty good and everything went smooth. All we needed to do was wait about 50 days until the closing. Joe arranged to be the power of attorney for us at closing so we would not have to be in Minnesota after our belongings were moved. Joe and his staff followed up with us quite often and we went out to the east coast to be together as a family as we waited for the closing date. Joe checked on our home each week and things were good. On Sunday, the week before the closing I received a urgent call from Joe. He said the buyers had just done their walk-thru and the home still was full of stuff and the buyers were concerned that we would not be able to move everything before closing. I told him we would be back on Wednesday to meet the movers and we would have plenty of time to move. He was silent for a few seconds and I still remember the sound of his voice when he said "Your closing is tomorrow at 2pm I don't understand what you mean" I wanted to thow up. We had marked the wrong day on our calendar and we had not forwarded our mail (which would have gotten us our written closing notices) because we did not have a permanent place to stay yet. I have no idea how me managed to make a mistake like that especially since we had a copy of the puchase agreement with the correct date on it. Joe explained that the buyers were closing on their home at 11am, three hours before out closing and that they would be homeless with no place to live or put their stuff if we did not close tomorrow. I told him there was nothing that we could do on a Sunday afternoon that would fix the problem. After talking for a while, Joe said he would find a solution and asked if it was OK to have our stuff packed and put on a truck. We told him to do what he needed to do to solve the problem as long as it did not cost us anything as money was tight for us. Less than an hour later, Joe called and said that he had found a solution and that he would make sure that we close on time. We did not know it when he told us this but every moving company he called was closed on Sunday, so he had found the biggest moving truck he could rent, had rented it and Joe, his wife, kids and staff spent all Sunday evening and Monday morning in the 95 degree heat packing our stuff personally and loading it on the truck. They then cleaned the place and went to closing and closed the transaction for us. It was the easiest move we have ever had. I have referred my brother and two of my friends to Joe and his team. I am very glad that we found Joe to sell our home.


Thank you for the great selling experience. I was impressed with your marketing plan and the process was everything that you promised.


Thanks for the help staging our home and all of your advice during the selling process. The process was much better and easier then when we sold our last home in Idaho. Good luck in the future.


Thanks for all of the help getting our home ready to sell. You really made the process easier and much quicker then we expected.


Joe Thank you for the help negotiating the cracked chimney liner in our fireplace. I appreciate you going the extra mile working thru the inspection negotiations. I was quite pleased with the entire process.