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Joe spent over an hour talking passionately about how he was going to market our home (hover for more)
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I highly recommend the Joe Niece Team for your real estate needs. (hover for more)
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I was referred to Joe Niece to buy a new home and sell my current home. It was actually pretty fun going out to see homes with Joe(hover mouse here)
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I called Joe after I fired my agent. She had been working on our short sale for over a year with a law firm (Hover for more)
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Joe Niece is a Saint!, I am the worst buyer in the (hover for more)
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I had listed and sold my home with Joe and the buyers had insisted on doing a stucco inspection on my home (hover for more)
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We sold our home with Joe several years ago when we moved to St Cloud. When we found out we were moving back to the Twin Cities, we called Joe to help us look for a home. (hover more)
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We had listed our home $25,000 dollars higher than Joe said we would ever get an offer at. (hover for more)
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The Joe Niece Team....Trust The Results of Experience

Joe Niece Seller Testimonials. Let us help you now, Call us at 612-305-8487.

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Joe spent over an hour talking passionately about how he was going to market our home and all of the things that he does in addition to putting the home on the MLS. He was the only Realtor that I talked to that actually told me in detail what he was going to do other than put my home on the MLS and blah blah blah. I really liked the 4x more exposure on Trulia by featuring our home and the 7x more exposure on Zillow by doing the same thing. There were quite a few other things that I don't remember but he sold my home in six days with two offers and received more than list price. The entire process was very smooth and professional. Thanks Joe


I listed my home with Joe because he had sold other homes in my area and his signs seem to go up and down quickly compared to most of the signs I see in the area. I decided to list with him and he told me he would market my home while I was getting it ready for showings. Two weeks later we took pictures and were ready to go on the market. He asked if he could bring one of the buyers that he had found thru all of his pre advertising things that he talked about when he listed my home. I thought that would be fine and his buyer wrote an offer. It was not full price and I told his buyer that I would agree to sell it to him if he changed his offer to full price. The buyer did and I did not have to show my home again. I was very happy with the price and everything went well and closed fine.


My home had failed to sell with my previous agent and I take the blame for that. I did not ask the correct questions and thought my home would sell quickly. I was so frustrated by the time that I had been on the market five months that I fired my first agent a month early. I was not going to make the same mistake again. My wife and I contacted five agents that had good reputation. The first one seemed good and he told us that our home was worth about what we told him we thought it was worth.

When the second agent came over, he seemed good also. I was excited with the price that the first agent had told us so I told the second agent that we thought our home was worth about 20,000 dollars more and we were shocked when he showed us that he could get that.

We told the third agent that we thought our home was worth 25,000 dollars more and amazing, she told us that she could get us that much for our home.

It was now obvious that the agents were telling us whatever we wanted to hear so we decided that we would see how far it would go. Every agent that we interviewed asked us what our home was worth and every agent told us close to the price we told them. We decided to try the reverse and we told the next two agents that our home was worth 50,000 and 100,000 less then the first agent told us and they showed us those numbers were correct. We were so frustrated that it was comical. The on the 12th agent, we interviewed Joe. We were professionals by now and thought that we had heard everything. Joe was different. He did not tell us that our home was the best or things like that. He talked to us, asked about the home. Took notes as we showed him the home and he talked about all the things that he was going to do to market our home. It took him an hour to talk about marketing and he was pretty excited about quite a bit of it. Then he pulled out his laptop and had us sit on each side of him and he started doing a market analysis with us. He showed us exactly what he was doing, what criteria he was searching, to find similar homes etc.

As he was working on it, my wife started to tell him what she thought our home was worth and he stopped her in mid sentence and told her that he did not want to hear any numbers from us until he had told us his number. He used a phrase that my mother use to use and said that he did not want to sell his soul to the devil and be tempted to tell us what we wanted to hear vs what the truth might be. He said he would rather talk about his value vs our value if they were not the same. As he continued working with us and asking us about pictures from each of the homes that we looked at on his computer, he narrowed down our value and then told us that our home was worth about 325,000 dollars. Not to be thrown out of our game, I told him that I thought he was 50,000 dollar low and he asked what our home had that make it worth 50,000 more than the seven comparable homes that the three of us had picked together just 15 minutes earlier. I told him that our home was in better shape and he pulled up the pictures of the similar homes and said that he did not see a big difference between most of them and our home.

My wife then told him the range that other realtors had told us and he asked if we had the information that the other Realtors had left. We did and we showed him. He started showing us different foundation sizes, lot sizes, great rooms and other things that he said determined value on the homes, that the other Realtors that told us our home was worth 50-100k more, and it was obvious that he was not going to take the bait so we came clean and told him what we had been thru and that he was the 12th Realtor that we had interviewed.

We listed with Joe and he sold our home in 17 days. Joe was fun to work with and the entire time we worked with him it was smooth and he was easy to get ahold of if we had questions. I would recommend anyone that is buyer or selling to work with Joe as he is willing to tell you the truth, spend time explaining what sells homes and what a home is worth and worked very hard for us.


I tried to sell last year and I was unsuccessful so I decided to get some new opinions on what I should do. I interviwed two agents when I was getting ready to sell my home the second time. Joe and the other top person in the area. I was very impressed with both and both she and Joe came up with similar values for our home. The problem was that Joe's value was with me doing three projects and the other Realtor told me that I did not have to do anything. My wife and I were leaning on going with the other Realtor and Joe asked if he could come over and go over a few things with us.

He pulled out the comparable homes that we had picked together when he first met with us and he asked us to look at the pictures. All of the things that Joe was telling us we should do were done on those homes.

He then asked us to think about the signs that we have seen in the area that were his and the signs that we have seen in the area that were hers. Then he asked us one really good question. He said "Do you want to list with the agent that has his signs go up, quickly have a sold sign and then the sign disappears or list with the agent that seems to have the signs up forever. It seemed really logical but we had never thought about it that way. I had always thought about how many signs I saw for the other agent. It made sense that the other agent was not doing more business than Joe, it's that her signs stayed up much longer.

We were convinced to list with Joe but we told him that we thought that our home would be able to sell without doing the things that Joe had suggested. He told us he would market our home like it was the best thing on the market. A month later our home had not sold. He told us we could do the things that he had suggested or drop the price to match the value.

Being a stubborn German, I did two of the things that Joe suggested but not the third. Three weeks later, Joe was talking to me about feedback. He told me that we were going to hurt ourselves unless we decided on one path or the other. Either finish the last project or drop the price before we were stale on the market.

I finished the last project, we went back on the market and sold three showings later. I tell my friends that it was just luck but I know different. Everything that Joe told us he was going to do, he did. Everything that Joe told us was going to happen when we first met with him happened. The price we would get for our home if we did the projects he said we needed to do, we got(once we did the project) He told us the truth and I am greatful that we listed with him and I would suggest that anyone selling a home interview him.


We received Joe's name from Dave Ramsey who is a radio talk show personality. My husband had started a new job out of state and we needed to sell so that I could move our family to be with him. I liked Joe as soon as I started talking to him. He seemed honest and willing to tell us the truth about selling our home. He talked about marketing for over an hour when we met with him and he was really the only person that we talked to that really was passionate about marketing our home correctly. He also helped us determine what our home was worth while we were sitting at our kitchen table during the listing agreement. We sat and worked with him and he explained exactly what he was doing to determine the value of our home and showed us every home that was active or sold in our area. It was really a great experience and we knew exactly what we would get for our home before he left us that day. When he was done determining our homes value, we were excited to list our home with him and he said he was excited to work with us. We were not ready to go on the market for a few weeks but he insisted that we allow him to pre-market our home with a non-MLS listing agreement. It allows him to drive interest to our home and allows us to get a higher offer or maybe multiple offers. We agreed, he took the pictures that he could based on the condition of our home and he was off. Our home went active and we had a bunch of showings and Joe showed the home twice himself to two different buyers. One of his buyers decided to write an offer and we were sold in the first ten days. The inspection went pretty good and everything went smooth. All we needed to do was wait about 50 days until the closing. Joe arranged to be the power of attorney for us at closing so we would not have to be in Minnesota after our belongings were moved. Joe and his staff followed up with us quite often and we went out to the east coast to be together as a family as we waited for the closing date. Joe checked on our home each week and things were good. On Sunday, the week before the closing I received a urgent call from Joe. He said the buyers had just done their walk-thru and the home still was full of stuff and the buyers were concerned that we would not be able to move everything before closing. I told him we would be back on Wednesday to meet the movers and we would have plenty of time to move. He was silent for a few seconds and I still remember the sound of his voice when he said "Your closing is tomorrow at 2pm I don't understand what you mean" I wanted to thow up. We had marked the wrong day on our calendar and we had not forwarded our mail (which would have gotten us our written closing notices) because we did not have a permanent place to stay yet. I have no idea how me managed to make a mistake like that especially since we had a copy of the puchase agreement with the correct date on it. Joe explained that the buyers were closing on their home at 11am, three hours before out closing and that they would be homeless with no place to live or put their stuff if we did not close tomorrow. I told him there was nothing that we could do on a Sunday afternoon that would fix the problem. After talking for a while, Joe said he would find a solution and asked if it was OK to have our stuff packed and put on a truck. We told him to do what he needed to do to solve the problem as long as it did not cost us anything as money was tight for us. Less than an hour later, Joe called and said that he had found a solution and that he would make sure that we close on time. We did not know it when he told us this but every moving company he called was closed on Sunday, so he had found the biggest moving truck he could rent, had rented it and Joe, his wife, kids and staff spent all Sunday evening and Monday morning in the 95 degree heat packing our stuff personally and loading it on the truck. They then cleaned the place and went to closing and closed the transaction for us. It was the easiest move we have ever had. I have referred my brother and two of my friends to Joe and his team. I am very glad that we found Joe to sell our home.


Thank you for the great selling experience. I was impressed with your marketing plan and the process was everything that you promised.


Thanks for the help staging our home and all of your advice during the selling process. The process was much better and easier then when we sold our last home in Idaho. Good luck in the future.


Thanks for all of the help getting our home ready to sell. You really made the process easier and much quicker then we expected.


Joe Thank you for the help negotiating the cracked chimney liner in our fireplace. I appreciate you going the extra mile working thru the inspection negotiations. I was quite pleased with the entire process.