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The Joe Niece Team....The Results of Experience

Minnesota For Sale by Owner Information and Advice. Let us help you now, Call us at 612-305-8487.

E-mail Joe Niece about your situation

For Sale by Owner Information

Are you a possible For Sale by Owner that needs to sell but your home is upside down?

We can list, sell and negotiate the short sale of your home and your bank will pay our commission. As Minnesota's Short Sale specialists, we have worked with every lender in Minnesota including yours, and they have paid our commission every time.

Most Important Questions to ask before you sell your home as a Minnesota For Sale by Owner.(see video below)

1. Why do I want to sell For Sale by Owner?

a. I need to sell my home myself because I have equity in my home and I want to save the costs of the Real Estate Agents? This might be a good reason but make sure that you understand that less than 5% of buyers in Minnesota want to buy a home without a buyers agent. If 95% of the buyers are working with agents, you will only be able to save the Listing side of the commission. If this is the case, I can help you for the same cost that the FSBO(For Sale by Owner) company is going to charge you. The difference is that you will get 10 times more exposure. Call me at 612-508-4100 and we can talk details.

b. I need to do a short sale buy do not want to also have to pay the Real Estate commissions. If we negotiate your short sale, you will not have to pay your Real Estate Commissions.

c. I can sell my home for what I owe if I do not have to pay commission. If you really believe this is the case, it would make sense for us to talk on the phone.(612-508-4100) I will do a market analysis for you over the phone and tell you if it is possible.

If it is, I will still help you at no charge by listing your home for the exact cost your "for sale by owner company" is going to charge you. In addition to this, I can add your home on most of the huge real estate sites as a featured home at no additional charge. The exposure that you will get on Results.net, Trulia and Zillow ect. will help you succeed without additional cost. It will also allow you to have a #1 Real Estate agent helping you with the process.

2. Will I save money if I sell my home "For Sale by Owner"?

a. Every independent study done during a normal or buyers market(Minnesota is moving back and forth between a normal and buyers market now) shows that sellers do not get more money at closing.
Several websites show studies done during the height of the market in the early 2000's but do not tell you when the studys were done. It was correct that in 2004 a monkey could have sold your home. It is not the case now and will not be the case until many years after mortgage rates rise back to the 6.5-8% mark.

b. FSBO companies never tell you that over 95% of the buyers of homes in Minnesota that were not sold to relatives used an agent on the buy side. They also do not tell you that most of the people that start selling their home FSBO themselves without the MLS end up adding the MLS. This adds the buyers agent commission.

c. Buyers expect to get something if they are going to buy a home without a buyers agent. They expect to get the 3% off on the price. If you are not going to give them the discount, they want to use an agent.

d. Statistics show overwhemingly that you get a lower offer price when you sell a home yourself.

3. What does it cost to sell For Sale by Owner in Minnesota?

a. This is the big bait and switch with many FSBO companies. They make you believe that it will be easy to list your home and sell it without going on the MLS. It sounds great but how would anyone know about your home if it is not listed on the MLS?
If you are planning on selling to someone in your neighborhood it might work. The truth is that most buyers will have no way of knowing about your home until you list it on the MLS. You could put it on craigslist but ask yourself, has anybody you know bought a home on craigslist? I have never had a person tell me this, have you?

If you can't sell your home unless it is listed on the MLS successfully, they should tell you that upfront. Cost's to sell your home on most FSBO sites start at $750 dollars and move up from there. They will tell you that you have to pay the buyers commission if the buyer has an agent in small writing somewhere. My suggestion is call around, find out who you think is a good FSBO company to work with and then call me and see what I have to offer. 612-508-4100

Don't do this by yourself. We can help you if you are willing to call 612-508-4100.
Would you like to find out what chance you have of being successful doing a short sale with your lender?
Calculate your chance of a successful short sale

I keep hearing that the bank wants my home so they are going to push me into a Minnesota Foreclosure. This is just not true, the bank does not want to make you a Minnesota foreclosure. Banks want to do everything they can in most cased to make sure you are not a Minnesota foreclosure. They would much rather have you do a Minnesota Short Sale then end up as a Minnesota Foreclosure.

I also hear people saying I received a Minnesota Foreclosure notice; I have to move out by the Foreclosure sale. In Minnesota, you are now a Minnesota pre-foreclosure. You will not be a Minnesota Foreclosure until six months after your Sheriff's Sale.
If you do not sale your home, bring your home current or redeem it then you will be a Minnesota Foreclosure and you will need to leave.

Remember, If you have enough equity in your home, typically 60%-70%, there is a chance that you could still sell your home. Contact a Minnesota Foreclosure Expert like Joe Niece at 612-305-8487. He can point out other options other then Minnesota Foreclosure.

It you want to buy another home in the future, it is important for you to do something versus letting your home go into foreclosure. In some cases, you will be able to buy a home in half the time if you short sale you home versus letting it become a Minnesota Foreclosure.

Minnesota Short Sale Information

Learn More about Minnesota Short Sales

Minnesota Short Sale Hardship LettersMinnesota Shortsale Hardship Letter Samples

Let a Minnesota Short Sale Expert help you now, Call Joe Niece at 612-305-8487.

E-mail Joe Niece about your situation

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HAFA or Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program

Do You Qualify?

The Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) Program is the governments program to help homeowners avoid foreclosure.

HAFA gives incentives to lenders and $3000 to homeowners to allow and complete a short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure.

Use the tool below to determine your eligibility:

Section 1 HAFA Questionaire

Is your loan owned or guaranteed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac?

Is the property your principle residence?

Is the Mortgage a first mortgage that closed before Jan 1 2009?

Have you missed payments or will you soon miss a payment?

Is your current unpaid balance less then $729,751?

Do your total monthy mortgage payments exceed 31% of your gross income?

Section 3 Borrower Information

Main Mortgage Borrower Name:

Home Phone Number:

Email Address:

Mortgage Property Address:

City                                          State, Zip Code


Please press only once.

HAFA Homes Affordable Foreclosure Alternative